“Jord|Earth” is a curated album featuring music producers and visual artists from all over the world. Together they have combined their forces to tell a story about the element of “Jord|Earth”. The result is a conceptual VA album, and we haven’t seen anything quite like it before! Press the button and dive right into it!

Eckle Showcased on Channel 4!

Amazing news! The 2nd of June in 2019, one of the keytrack-videos from the our "Jord | Earth" was picked up and broadcasted on the UK channel 4 show "Sunday Brunch"!Reports being a million viewers at the time, this is very exciting for us!Check out the video below!...

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And we’re live!

The idea of Sinewave Collective sparked around 13th of February in 2018.It took us almost a year to polish all of our extremely ambitious ideas, and get our first release!Not to mention, it's been TONS of heavy bumps along the road. But, we did it guys! We fricking...

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Can’t finish your tunes?

Here's 3 things that you might want to think about...   Don't fucking procrastinate.- Really. You are. Stop it! Log off Facebook for a while and redistribute your focus. However hard this might seem, a good way to approach reaching a stage of focused work is to set a...

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