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Nasty basses, tons of textures, drumloops & one-shots, FX, atmospheres and actual salvaged sounds from some of our favourite tunes on «Jord|Earth»

Free Samples

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We’ve been silent for a while…..

Yeah, we’ve been hibernating for a while. After spending some time with the family, the friends and all the lovely human beings around us – we’re finally back with a new spark!

We’ve received massive support and love from our fans in regards to our «Jord|Earth» album. We can’t explain how much this means to us! Especially since we’re a non-profit collective, we do this out of our love and passion for new and forward-thinking music!
All the interactions we’ve gained since we started this collective, has been nothing but lovely.

We wanted to give you something back. Hence, the sample pack!

What’s next?

You might be wondering what’s next for SWC? What’s the plan? How are we going to top the initial release?

Well… I don’t want to spoil to much of the fun.. But yes, we are working on new (and even bigger) projects that we’ll reveal in full detail once we’re ready to do so.

Here’s a bulletin of what you can expect from us forward:

  • Big compilation project reveal – Will the story continue?
  • More blogs! Articles and reviews are being finished up as we speak! Stay tuned!
  • Our first EP release! Don’t want to spoil this one either, but it’s really special!
  • Getting the store up and running
  • Activating our forum.

Want to join the collective?

We’re still looking for people with the right mindset to join our collective. Be sure to check out this link if you want to know more on how to get involved!

As always we’re open for submissions.