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Sinewave Collective – Jord | Earth

Jord|Earth S01E01 - "The Grand Design"

“…You remember it well, don’t you?

The sparks of life in your hands and the way you molded it into effortless creations.
The very moment you felt devastation, in the same hands you once felt life.
You clenched them together in desperation, and you chose to forget.

I, on the other hand, didn’t.

Tomorrow there will be a new chance. Maybe this time…”

Jord|Earth S01E02 - "A Faerie Appears"

“… We remember differently. Life, death, creation and destruction.

The manifestation of creatures, covered the entire surface of this new planet.
Mysterious and magical wonders, peculiar creatures of all shapes and sizes.
We did this.
The speed at which it all happened, and the infinite
but unexpected love felt for these creations left us stunned.

We forget how it feels when it starts, but always remember how it ends.

Jord|Earth S01E03 - "Blue"

“… Both beginnings and endings can be a struggle…

Luckily, we’ve been here before.
Regal creatures in the blue sky, relentlessly fighting for their existence.
Death is… It’s raw & honest, flexing its own kind of peculiar beauty.
One of them has to die, it’s inevitable.
There’s no room for two in this relationship.

There can only be one, the stronger one.”



Jord|Earth S01E04 - "Floating Phonics (Inner Voice)"

“… Remember, I know you.
We’re the same you and I – yet we’re nothing alike.

Even though you want to carve your own path,
we’ll always be heading in the same direction.

That is why I know it’ll be

We’ll fix it
We always do.”

Jord|Earth S01E05 - "Strata/Canaries"

«… I know you don’t remember like I do…
Hence why there’s always been this
unspoken resistance between us.
Eventually you’ll see the beauty of it,
yes – even the most disturbing things.

Can you recall what happened in the mines?»

Jord|Earth S01E06 - "Caved In"

“I didn’t have a choice… In fact, I’ve never had one!
It’s the same thing, over and over again.
We’ve been here before, remember?
If there’s no us, there’s nothing! Us, them, everything.
The life as we know it. GONE!

Perhaps… Perhaps we should end it…
One real ending, no more new beginnings and starting over.
No more.

I’m sick of this endless circle,
wherever we go – I destroy.
It can’t be like this anymore.


Perhaps it’s time… To just cave in and disappear forever…?”

Jord|Earth S01E07 - "Ruination"

 “… It’s hard to comprehend the beauty of isolation.

The feeling of being tossed out into the dark, left alone,
all alone – is as scary as it’s delicate.

But I chose this myself, and for that – I feel nothing else than content.
Content over making my own decisions.
Content, knowing that no one can blame me, when all of this goes to the gutter.

This pathetic charade, this masquerade of lies and utter bullshit…
It’s not gonna work out between us anymore. It never did…
Too futile go our separate ways.

I always confirmed my own worth based on what we were, together.
I always had to prove myself, even though there’s nothing to prove.
– I’m the bad one.

Now, my existence will be validated by my absence.”



Jord|Earth S01E08 - "Last Breath"


“… Nowhere. Just gone..

Unveiling the truth for myself, I am struck by the most intense fear I’ve ever felt.
The feeling of being alone paralysing my entire body.
There’s not been a day that’s gone by without him by my side.
I feel weak, and I don’t think I can go on much longer without him. 

I always pictured solitude to be my liberation. Believing space from his incessant, destructive mindset, would do me good.
Deep inside, we wanted the same thing. Didn’t we?
We shared the same drive, the same passion.
We always wanted it to work – even though our contrasting approaches could tell another story.

Now… He’s gone, and I am… lost.

Devastated, and broken. I weaken as every minute counts.
Forever the altruist in this relationship I’m unsure as to why I would want to find him again.
We are exact opposites..
Yet, I need my antithesis, we’re meant to be together.
I need him to exist.

I fill the air with his name, and it cuts both ways.

He’s out there, somewhere…

Jord|Earth S01E09 - "Gaïa"

 «… Abandoned and stripped of the faith you once had in me.
When did it become all about you? I was always there: trusting… believing.
I offered you it all, a new start -anything you ever wanted.
But no. You are but deaf to the sounds of your own desires… Entitlement and selfishness runs amok.

What about me?

And everyone else?»

«She begs them to listen, her frenzied whispers carried in the fibre of every being, yet they hear her not.
While they ignore her pleas, they miss what truly matters, obsessed with superficial fixations as she cries…

How many more times, how much longer?»

Jord|Earth S01E10 - "Creation Of A Forest"

“… And here we stand, once more, on the dawn of tomorrow.

It didn’t take long after you first clenched your hands and hearts together,
to forget the true nature of your path.

Almost instantly absorbed into absence by the beauty of the life you created.
The life that not long after its birth, slipped from your shallow memory.
You thought only about yourself, and so

     Again, the cycle repeats.

Like Yin and Yang, life and death.
You cannot exist without the other.

You cultivate power between yourselves
that bears no weight when you are alone.
Combined you are everything, you have the strength to create.
You are present in every thread, every grain of existence,
you must recognise this.
Neglect your power, and destroy everything.

As surely as everything comes to an end, there will always be a new tomorrow.
The same tomorrow…
Unless you make the necessary changes.

I can only hope not to have wasted my breath to heed you with these words,
yet another time.

Now, unite as the spirits you are.

A new forest awaits…”