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Here’s 3 things that you might want to think about…


  1. Don’t fucking procrastinate.

    – Really. You are. Stop it! Log off Facebook for a while and redistribute your focus. However hard this might seem, a good way to approach reaching a stage of focused work is to set a timer!
    Set an alarm at 30-45 minutes, then take a short break on maximum 10 minutes. Try not to get lost on the internet, but perhaps getting some air, making a phone call, take a piss or refill your cup of coffee instead?

  2. Don’t judge your product – before it’s done!

    – You wouldn’t build the fundament of a house – then set it on fire, because you don’t think it’s gonna look good when it’s done… 

    Finish your tune, THEN judge it.

    If you don’t like it? Well, don’t publish it.
    Either way, you’ve finished a tune – and the only way of actually getting any better at finishing tunes, is to finish tunes.

    The hard way is often to realise when a tune is «done».
    But consider this : Can you add anything more to the tune? Are you at the stage where whatever you do, it’ just not working or doesn’t feel right? Have you’ve done the mix as good as you can? 

    Well, This is your «opening mindset» to closing the tune. Wether you feel it’s at your most preferred stage or not, is not important – the tune clearly doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

    You shouldn’t be worrying about wether it’s good or not, just «close the chapter» and move on.

    A good approach to the post-value of this exercise is to generate a folder called «Finished tunes», then add subfolders «Weird tunes» and «Kind of cool tunes» – export the tune and add into preferred folder. 

    It’s always nice to come back to these folders – «realising» how much you’ve actually finished!

  3. Follow the track.

    – This is kind of a pickup from point nr 2.

    And it might sound a bit weird.
    But 9 out of 10 times, my students fail to finish their tracks because the track doesn’t «go where they want it to go».

    Everyone struggles with this! You hear music, and you want to produce something just as cool as that! But no matter how hard you try, it’s just not working… You fail to live up to your own expectations.

    Yeah, we’ve all been there.

    I’ve discovered that by working with another type of mindset, pre- and mid production – really helps.
    You see, sometimes the track kind of want’s to go in another direction, then what you pictured it doing.
    If you work with not forcing your track into your own audible preferences, but rather just go with what’s happening – you’ll find that the road getting to where you want to be, not as long and frustrating at all!

    Remember, every single classic out there, is a classic not because it sounded like someone else!

    You just gotta accept that the music you make, and the music you want to make – might not be the same thing. Make music because you think it’s funny, and listen to music you find interesting. Don’t try and make what you listen to, but listen to what you make!

That’s it!

If you like these kind of «mind-set» approaches, know that we’re currently working with our set of youtube videos based around the matters of how to «think» when you write music, rather than just pure technical tutorials.

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